In developing country like Ghana, the electronic waste is an environmental nightmare. I recently watched a documentary about Ghana. The story revealed a breathtaking display of disturbing photographs of children around discard computers and boys hauling ray tubes and computer monitors. All I saw was a landscape cover with corpses […]

Electronic waste or an environmental nightmare

Color Vision
I love art, especially watching the 19th Century European paintings. One of the greatest artists ever, Claude Monet once said, “Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.” The vast spectrum of colors that we the people can see is one of the unique aspects of our vision “which makes […]

Color Vision

At the outset of the Constitutional Convention James Madison, a young delegate from Virginia proposed a revolutionary idea: instead to revise the Articles of Confederation the delegates should submit an entirely new document to the states. Madison was descended from wealthy slaveholding Virginia planters, a Princeton graduate student and possessed […]

Founding Fathers – James Madison

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were the new government’s two most talented men. President George Washington picked Alexander Hamilton, his brilliant thirty-four-year-old wartime aide to head the Department of the Treasury and Thomas Jefferson, recently back from his diplomatic duties in France to head the Department of State. Both Hamilton […]

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson – political and philosophical ideas ...