Iglika Vatchinska

People around the world hold the belief that every individual bear some right and freedoms by virtue just of being human or granted by God. Civil liberties mean to have freedom from arbitrary interference in a person’s pursuit, such as the freedom to practice religion, or freedom of expression. Some […]

How much Civil Liberties to give for Security?

Color Vision
I love art, especially watching the 19th Century European paintings. One of the greatest artists ever, Claude Monet once said, “Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.” The vast spectrum of colors that we the people can see is one of the unique aspects of our vision “which makes […]

Color Vision

At the outset of the Constitutional Convention James Madison, a young delegate from Virginia proposed a revolutionary idea: instead to revise the Articles of Confederation the delegates should submit an entirely new document to the states. Madison was descended from wealthy slaveholding Virginia planters, a Princeton graduate student and possessed […]

Founding Fathers – James Madison